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Does my website seem to just "sit there"?

Does it provide me with an ongoing stream of highly qualified new leads?

When I search the web for the products or services I sell, does my site appear at the TOP of the Search Engine results?

Do I receive some leads from my website but not nearly as many as I had hoped for or expected?



Each day over 340 million searches are run by people looking to find businesses like yours so they can purchase the products and services they need. This makes it more important than ever that your company web site be found at the top of the major search engines. While it is important to have an attractive web site that will keep your visitor's attention and sell your products or services, it is equally important that it is optimized for superior search engine positioning. Getting to the top of the search engines is not just about having a nice looking site or having it submitted to 1,000's of smaller search engines like some people may lead you to believe. Instead, it's about the overall job of improving how your site interacts with the major search engines, so that the audience you seek can find you. Our clients have regularly seen a 200-500% growth in traffic and sales from their web site due to the first class optimization services we provide for them.

Many business owners don't realize that it is imperative to consider SEO before you finish your web site. These companies pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to web designers to make them a great looking site that has all the latest bells and whistles and then wonder why no one can find their brand new site. Too many people tell us that their web site just sort of "sits there" or they wonder why, after spending all that money on a web site, it doesn't generate many sales. Generally it is because their web designer has no understanding of the search engine optimization process. Often companies wait until after their site is finished before bringing in a search engine optimizer and are subsequently shocked when told their brand new site needs to be completely redesigned in order to rank well on the search engines.

At Starship Internet Marketing Services, we can build your web site from the ground up or we can work with your existing web designer with the sole purpose of getting your site built to be what we refer to as "search engine friendly". Building a search engine friendly web site allows it to rank well in the search engines for the words and phrases that are most important to your business. We'll make sure your site looks great and has as many bells and whistles as necessary without sacrificing the search engine results you want to achieve.

Starship Internet Marketing Services will help you manage the entire search engine optimization process and will shape your online marketing message and your web site so they are search engine friendly. Due to the vast differences in web site size, complexity, design, and budgets, a successful SEO program requires a comprehensive and customized approach centered upon your site's unique characteristics and your business objectives. We will perform a thorough evaluation of your web site needs to determine the most effective optimization solutions for you.

We offer an assortment of SEO programs, web site design, online marketing, and web hosting services. Using our custom eleven-step process, you'll soon see your web site ranked at the top of the major search engines and directories and will have qualified new customers visiting your web site on a continual basis. We will work closely with you and your staff to select relevant and targeted words and phrases centered around the products and services you offer and then optimize your web site for those phrases in order to get you great rankings and increase your sales. 

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The Internet would be impossible to navigate without the aid of search engines. These indispensable internet tools include popular brands such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves, and more. They allow us to quickly and easily find the things we are looking for on the World Wide Web.

So what exactly is search engine optimization? SEO is a highly detailed process of structuring the layout and content on each page of your web site in order to make your site "search engine friendly". This process significantly increases the chances of your web site being among the first to be seen when someone searches for the products and services your company is selling or promoting. The purpose of crafting a Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Program is to utilize the power of search engines, and the searching behavior of Internet users, to substantially increase your sales by increasing the number of visitors to your web site. The goal of our SEO program is to consistently have your web site placed among the top 30 sites in the returned list of search results for each of your company's most relevant search terms.

The SEO process is a complex discipline. If potential customers cannot find your site, they cannot buy your products or participate in your branding. The methods used by the search engines to establish a web sites relevancy to the term being searched for, involve a continually changing set of algorithms that vary from search engine to search engine. Starship Internet Marketing Services is your solution to getting your company web site in front of those potential customers across the Internet search engines.

To understand the importance of search engine optimization, consider the following:

  • Studies show that 85% of all Internet users use search engines to find the products and services they desire
  • According to NFO Online Retail Monitor, 42% of those who bought from online retail sites arrived via search engines.
  • Nielsen/Net Ratings reports that one out of every three Americans uses a search engine.
  • Studies from Forrester Research, Inc. in June, 2000 determined that 81% of consumers find web sites through the use of search engines.
  • According to IMT Strategies, search engines create more brand awareness about web sites than all other advertising combined including banner ads, newspapers, TV and radio.
  • Statistical Research, Inc. reports that on an average day, Internet users report searching the Internet (57%) and looking for product information (46%) more often than any other activity except e-mail.
  • Jupiter Research reports that Internet users ranked searching as their most important activity, awarding it a 9.1 on a 10-point scale. The next most important activity (email) ranked only 6.3.

As these points clearly demonstrate, if your web site has not been designed with the search engines in mind, your chances of being found by these potential clients plummet. Few people using a search engine will bother to look beyond the top 30 results before moving on or trying another search term. Having your entire web site optimized for and positioned at the top of the major search engines means a relatively small investment could dramatically raise your site traffic and sales.


Starship Internet Marketing Services has developed an eleven-step search engine optimization technique that gets our clients results.  Each step is an integral part of the whole package geared towards making your website a great success.

    This involves determining your projects scope including your target audience, potential search engine habits of target audience, likely keyword phrases, business goals, traffic goals, site goals, competition, etc...
    We can offer advice in selecting the perfect domain name to fit your needs.  If you already have an existing domain name, don't worry, we can easily apply our SEO programs to your existing domain name and get great results.
    Web page hosting is basically a place to store the files that comprise your web site so that they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We offer discount full-featured Windows or Unix hosting plans to all our clients.
    The selection of relevant keywords and related keyword phrases is the most important part of any SEO program and is the foundation of our search engine optimization strategy.  What you may think your keywords are may not be the phrases and words that users actually type into the search engines.
    Don’t let your site design hold you back from search engine ranking success.  The way your site is designed and the various technologies employed on it are one of the main contributing factors to your web sites lack of success on the search engines.  Our trained professionals can determine if your site design is the reason for your lack of top results in the search engines.
    We will implement a customized strategy for the redesign of your site in a way that makes it search engine friendly.  It includes the addition or modification of the 60+ elements on each page of your web site required to achieve top search engine results.
    We will submit each page of your site to the search engines in a manner that is considered appropriate and acceptable by each of the search engines and directories.
    Helping you improve on your link popularity by building up the number of quality incoming links from relevant and related sites to yours.
    Is it worth it?  How does it work?  We can help you determine which pages are good candidates for submission and we can handle the submissions and tracking for you.
    Starship can help you manage your Pay-Per-Click accounts and help you determine the best keywords to use and the best way to get maximum exposure for the least amount of money while avoiding common PPC pitfalls.  Pay-Per-Click is an excellent way to quickly get your web site seen by a huge audience.
    Helping your site stay on top through the use of visitor statistics, monthly ranking reports, monitoring, and fine-tuning.
WHY USE Starship Internet Marketing Services?

Starship Internet Marketing Services has been creating Search Engine Optimization Programs for various clients since 1998. Our staff's professional background gives us a unique perspective when it comes to working on search engine optimization and promotion projects. Each of the members on our technical staff has a background working with Fortune 500 companies and is specialized in search engine optimization and web site design.

Starship's staff has been working with computers for over 35 years combined. Our staff has worked with companies such as IBM, American Express, Exxon, Pfizer, Revlon, The Port Authority of NY/NJ, and the United Nations. The recommendations we have made combined with the work we have performed have helped our clients substantially increase their business. It is our policy to take the time to explain the search engine optimization process in as much or little detail as each client requires. Starship's technical team continues to educate themselves in the field of search engine optimization keeping up with the rapidly changing industry. We are constantly upgrading our skills and knowledge of the search engine business to ensure our customers receive the finest solutions and the best recommendations to achieve their business objectives. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our ability to get the job done. When optimizing a web site, Starship only uses industry accepted "best practices" for our clients. We do not use, or approve the use of, spamming techniques or other frowned upon methods to get our clients listed in the search engines. We know it is only through due diligence, patience, and careful planning that you can be assured of consistent top search engine rankings.


Our search engine optimization programs are targeted primarily at the following search engines and directories, which together account for over 96% of all search engine traffic:

Search Engines

AskJeeves (Teoma)
AllTheWeb (FAST)


Pay-Per-Click Engines


Google AdWords

Open Directory (DMOZ.org)

Here are the most recent comScore Media Metrix Search Engine Ratings of each of the major search engines.  This will give you some idea of who the real players are in the Search Engine business and why you should focus on getting to the top of the 5 major search engines.

Share Of Searches: May 2003
Google's Slice Of The Search Pie

The pie chart above shows the percentage of searches done by US web surfers in May 2003 that were performed at web sites owned by the companies shown.

Facts to keep in mind:Some companies own more than one web site. For example, AOL operates both AOL Search and Netscape Search, and searches at either place count into the overall AOL total. Similarly, Ask Jeeves owns both the Ask Jeeves web site and the Teoma site. Searches in both places count toward the Ask Jeeves total.

The figures are search-specific but not necessarily web-search specific. For example, a search performed at Yahoo Sports would count towards Yahoo's overall total. That's important to understand, because "channel" driven searches were reported by comScore as making up 58 percent of Yahoo's total searches in January 2003. The same could be true of other non-pure search sites, such as MSN and AOL.

Above is a look at the same figures from the pie chart on the left. This time the chart shows the percentage of searches that may be powered by Google. Google provides results to both Yahoo and AOL. Therefore, Google ultimately serves some of the searches at these places.

Be aware that the Google slice may overstate what search traffic Google really serves. As said above, much of Yahoo's search traffic is channel driven and served out of Yahoo's own databases, rather than from Google.

Information above as reported by Danny Sullivan, Editor - www.SearchEngineWatch.com


As a measure of your sites popularity, and to help determine your web sites relevancy to the term being searched for by someone using a search engine, most of the engines take into account the number of links on other web sites that point towards your site (incoming links). This is called Link Popularity and is one of the most important criteria in determining your web sites rankings on the search engines.  The engines assume that the more incoming, relevant links you have pointing to your site, the more popular your site must be.  As far as the search engines are concerned, if a site is popular it is likely also relevant.

Our link building programs ensure that your sites link popularity improves on an ongoing basis by acquiring relevant incoming links on other web sites with content similar or related to yours.  This linking strategy also provides you with an additional stream of qualified traffic from these related sites. Our Link building program also entails requesting changes of your current links on other sites in order to enhance your site's relevancy to the search engines.

In addition, we have tools at our disposal that allow us to see where your competition has links from other sites to their own site. We use this information to get your site listed on the same sites as they are and thus increasing your link popularity.


Paid inclusion is a method of submitting your pages to various search engines for a price. It DOES NOT guarantee you a top position in any search result. Your site must still be optimized for the search engines. The URL's submitted to the various Paid Inclusion services are subject to the same analysis and editorial rules as every other web page in each search engine. Paid Inclusion simply gets you indexed on the engines much faster (generally months quicker) than if you were to wait for them to find you on their own. If you elect to use Paid Inclusion we can help you determine which pages are good candidates for submission and we can handle the submissions for you.

Benefits of Paid Inclusion Programs
  • Your pages are included in the specific search engines much faster than submitting through free add URL links or waiting for the spiders to find the pages on their own.
  • With paid inclusion, your pages are reevaluated on an ongoing basis. Depending on the search engine the time frame for updates is usually between 2 and 7 days.
  • You never have to submit your pages again!
  • You can make changes to your pages today and begin to see the results of those changes within a week.
  • Most of the paid inclusion programs offer some sort of submission reports.

Paid Inclusion Subscription Options:

You can select to participate in any or all of these options. There is no additional fee paid to us.

Paid Inclusion Program
Fast (AllTheWeb)
Paid Inclusion Program

Highly Recommended

  • Rapid Inclusion - generally 72hrs
  • 48 hour refreshes
  • 12 month inclusion
  • Click-thru reporting
  • Inclusion into:
    • MSN
    • Hotbot
    • Overture
    • Looksmart and more!
  • Pricing:
    • First URL - $39.00
    • URLs 2 thru 1,000 - $25.00
    • Cost for 5 URL's = $13


  • Rapid Inclusion - generally 72 hrs
  • 48 hour refreshes
  • 12 month inclusion
  • Click-thru reporting
  • Inclusion into:
    • Lycos
    • Hotbot
    • AlltheWeb
    • Excite and more!
  • Pricing:
    • First URL - $34.00
    • URLs 2 thru 1,000 - $16.00
    • Cost for 5 URL's = $98
Yahoo Paid Inclusion Program


Due to their existing partnership with Google, Yahoo is currently displaying nearly identical results as those from Google. Considering that Yahoo recently purchased Inktomi, this is subject to change. However, the value of having a link from Yahoo to your site may be worth the fee.

  • Site reviewed for possible inclusion within 7 working days
  • Cost = $299 annually
Paid Inclusion Program
Paid Inclusion Program


  • Rapid Inclusion - generally 7 days
  • Weekly refreshes
  • 12 month inclusion
  • Click-thru reporting
  • Inclusion into:
    • Ask.com
    • Teoma.com
    • MetaCrawler
    • Excite and more!
  • Pricing:
    • First URL - $30.00
    • URLs 2 thru 1,000 - $18.00
    • Cost for 5 URL's = $10


  • Rapid Inclusion - generally 48 hours
  • 24 hour refreshes
  • 6 month inclusion
  • Click-thru reporting
  • Inclusion into:
    • AltaVista only
  • Pricing:
    • First URL - $39.00
    • URL's 2 thru 10 - $29.00
    • URL's 11 - 500 - $19.00
    • Cost for 5 URL's =
      • $155 for 6 months
      • $310 annual


Pay-Per-Click (also known as Pay Per Ranking, Pay Per Placement or Pay Per Position) enables you to list your site at the top of the search engine results for a fee. It is an excellent way to quickly get your web site seen by a huge audience in a matter of days. The two biggest players in the PPC business are Google AdWords and Overture.

Advertising with a PPC search engine is a great way to immediately drive targeted traffic to your site because you only pay when a searcher clicks on your listing and connects to your site. You don't pay each time your site appears in the list, only for actual clicks on links to your site. Companies such as Overture and Google go further, by displaying your link across multiple search engine partners. The top 3 bidders on Overture are listed not only as the top on www.overture.com but, as the top 3 on other engines such as Yahoo!, Info Space, MSN, Ask Jeeves, AltaVista, and Netscape. Google's results are listed on AOL Search, Earthlink and more.

You list your web site by selecting targeted keywords that refer to your products or services. By determining which keywords produce the most sales you can determine which terms you are willing to pay for. For each keyword, you determine how much you are willing to spend. Costs vary depending upon how competitive your keywords are and can range between .05 to 5.00 or more per click. The higher you bid the higher you will appear in the search results. An account with a PPC search engine is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site because you only pay for actual clicks to your site.

If you elect to use any Pay-Per-Click program, we can help you manage your Google and Overture accounts and help you determine the best keywords to use and the best way to get maximum exposure for the least amount of money while avoiding the potential pitfalls that are inherent in the PPC model.


After we have put your SEO program into place it is vitally important to continually monitor your sites visitors and your search engine rankings. The following describes the monthly services we supply as part of our programs in order to maintain your rankings.

At intervals of approximately 30 days, we will analyze how your site is ranking on each of the major search engines for all the keyword phrases that we've targeted. You will also see any changes in ranking performance from the prior period. We will then report these results to you by uploading them to a special area of your web site (or ours) and send you an email with a link to this area when completed.

It is pointless having a search engine positioning program in place without knowing who is visiting your site and how they arrived there. We can install independent visitor tracking software on your site to monitor it on an ongoing basis.

Every day you'll have available at your convenience information such as:

  • Number of visitors to your site
  • Search terms being used to find you
  • Web site and page that the visitor originated from
  • Search engine used to find your site
  • Top referring sites and search engines
  • User system information (browser, operating system, etc)
  • Visiting search engine spiders/robots and more!
  • All reports can be viewed by hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual formats.

All of this information is essential for the success of your site. By knowing which search engines are referring you the most visitors and which keywords are the most effective, it is possible to plan the future direction of the SEO program.

Each month we review your User Statistics, the Search Engine Rankings Report, and your performance in the Paid Inclusion and Pay-Per-Click programs if you elected to participate in them. Based on the results of our review, we will, as needed, fine-tune your site in an effort to raise your search engine performance rankings.  We will also make recomendations to you on ways you might exploit new areas of business based on our findings.


Starship Internet Marketing Services has flexible payment options that can fit the budgets and needs of any business large and small.  Below are four payment structures we've used in the past.

This is simply a set fee for a particular project that is based on its overall size and scope.  After we have reached an agreed upon price for the services to be performed, 50% of the total cost of the project is due before work begins.  This is in order to secure our services and begin the work.  The rest of the fee is due when any of the following search engine rankings are achieved in the top 5 search engines:

  1. 10 top 10 rankings
  2. 20 top 20 rankings, or
  3. 30 top 30 rankings

This type of pricing structure limits your up front costs and requires us to deliver the rankings we promised in order for us to receive the remainder of our fee.

This payment structure creates an ongoing win-win working relationship between Starship and our clients.  Pricing is heavily discounted over the flat fee structure and keeps Starship Internet Marketing Services heavily involved in the ongoing success of the clients site because if we don't produce results, you don't pay.  Each month a report is run that shows where your web site ranks (what position it appears in on the returned list of results) on the major serach engines for the keywords and phrases we've agreed upon.  Once a month, based on this report, payments are due according to how well or poorly your site has done on each of the search engines.  Initial fees, keywords phrases, and prices/ranking results need to be negotiated before implementing this structure.

With this pricing structure, payment is made monthly based on the actual rankings results of the agreed upon keywords in the top 5 major search engines that include:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • MSN
  • Ask Jeeves

As an example, suppose we agreed to the following search terms:

  • yellow widgets
  • discount widgets

Let's say we've also agreed to the following pricing structure (these are just examples):

Each Number 1 ranking =
per engine/phrase
Rankings 2 - 5 = 2.50 "
6 - 10 = 1.00 "
11 - 20 = .50 "
21 - 30 = .25 "

Finally lets say we had the following results in a particular month:

Engine Keyword Phrase Rank Cost
Google yellow widgets 1 $5.00
AOL yellow widgets 6 1.00
MSN yellow widgets 4 2.50
Yahoo yellow widgets 12 .50
Ask yellow widgets 19 .50
Google discount widgets 15 .50
AOL discount widgets 25 .25
MSN discount widgets 2 2.50
Yahoo discount widgets 8 1.00
Ask discount widgets 10 1.00
Total Owed

Based on the ranking results of these two search words in the 5 major search engines, Starship would be owed $14.75 for this month.

Another method of payment that limits costs is to tie payments to Starship Internet Marketing Services on the basis of unique visitors to your site. With this pricing structure, Starship gets paid a set fee for each unique visitor to your site. An initial up-front payment would be agreed upon and paid to Starship to secure our services and begin the optimization work. That initial payment would be applied to the initial set of unique visitors and no further payment would be required until enough visitors came to the site. At that point monthly payments would be made based on the number of unique visitors to the site.

For example (numbers and pricing are for example purposes only): If the initial payment to Starship were $2,000 and we agreed that for each unique visitor your site Starship would receive $1.00, no additional payment would need to be made to Starship until the 2,001 unique visitor comes to your site. We would need to discuss how to differentiate these visitors from your existing marketing campaigns. One way to do it would be to set up a new separate domain and use the unique visitors from that site alone.

This method is almost like financing a purchase. Instead of paying us a fixed fee half up front, a smaller fee is due up front to secure our services.  Starship then would be paid a monthly fee for a period of one year. Suppose the cost of the site, if paid at the fixed fee pricing, were $3,000, our monthly fee would be something like $325/month.


For additional information about our Search Engine Optimization services, please email us at SEO@StarshipComputer.com or visit us on the web at search.engine-optimization.com.

To speak to someone directly about our programs call 888-SEO-PROFESSIONALS.